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Powerful Training & Education for Business Results!

Tirawa Consulting offers organizational development workshops and training programs designed to build your capability to drive change through your organization and get the most out your people. We provide a number of public offerings and we can customize our training to fit your specific needs.
We are currently offering the following training programs. If we you don't see a program that suits your needs give us a call. Other specialized types of training are available on request.

Click on the title of any program listed below to learn more and Register Online.

Building Your Human & Cultural Capital: The Ultimate Source of Competitive Advantage
Discover how to build a "magnetic" organization that makes your people "stick." If you are fighting the war for the best talent you won't want to miss this workshop.
Effective Teaching & Learning: The Impact of Personality in Your Classroom  
This one day program is for educators at all levels. Understand how personality type impacts the way you teach and the effectiveness of your lessons. Walk away with a better understanding of yourself and how to reach your students.
Change Management 101
Organizations that can't adapt, be flexible, and change aren't around for long. This two day program helps business leaders understand the impact major change has on an organization and its people and how to deal with it. Perfect for any organization that is about to abandon the status quo! 

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