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Tirawa Consulting strives to build long lasting relationships with our clients, business partners and the community. Our desire is to be your trusted business advisor and not simply just another fly-by-night vendor. In that spirit, we realize that we are extremely good at what we do, but we also understand that we don't have the capacity to do everything. It is for that reason that our success is grounded in strong partnerships.

Our sole focus is your success! So when necessary, to ensure that your company is provided with a "total" solution, Tirawa Consulting partners with some of the finest talent in the consulting industry. This ensures that every aspect of your business solution will be addressed and you won't have to waste precious time looking for a number of different business partners to satisfy your needs. The result - the finest practitioners, world class solutions, increased innovation, and less administration for you and your team.

The following is a partial list Tirawa Consulting's strategic partners:

Richard Barrett & Associates:
Corporate transformation tools
Business intelligence and performance management
Point 2 Point Consulting:
Internet strategy and project management
LJK Consulting:
E-learning, training & education, and documentation
One Domino Group:
Growth management services
Emerging Strategy:
Commerce, technology, and supply chain solutions
R+Dorsey Company:
Technology solutions
Tinamou Consulting:
Organization strategy, change and team effectiveness
Whitewave Partners
Business planning, recruiting, training, and more
PerformingPeople, Inc.:
On-line learning and training & education
Symmetry Systems Inc.:
Business strategy and program
The Link Group:
Sales training
Hazelton Communications:
Strategic communications, training, executive coaching

Partnership Opportunities

Organizations are changing. Networks, virtual and chaotic organizations are replacing traditional forms of organizing. These new forms of organizing call us to work in new and exciting ways and provide tremendous opportunities for collaboration and innovation. The age of strategic partnerships is upon us.

Therefore, Tirawa Consulting is interested in partnering with professional consulting and product companies to create mutually beneficial business development opportunities. We are looking for organizations to develop a varied portfolio of solutions and to create new ways of achieving our mission of improving companies and their workplace environments.

We are open to the following types of partnerships:

Referral—Both Tirawa Consulting and your organization refer qualified business leads for either a finder's fee or a share of revenues.
Joint Venture—Tirawa Consulting and your organization co-develop a service offering that is delivered to new or existing clients.
Sub-Contract—Tirawa Consulting employees are part of your project team or your employees are part of a Tirawa Consulting project team.

If you are interested in pursuing a partnership with Tirawa Consulting please contact Keith Cox.

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