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Our Mission
Tirawa Consulting, Inc. was founded by our President in 2000 to creatively collaborate with clients, partners and the community to make workers’ lives better & more meaningful and their organizations more: successful, focused on the common good, and revered in the marketplace. In an era characterized by the increasing pace and complexity of change, Tirawa Consulting helps organizations answer the tough questions that they face every day such as:

How do we build a company that attracts and retains the best and brightest people?
How do we create an environment that is meaningful to our employees and allows them to bring all their creativity and passion to work everyday?
How do we make transformation happen and ensure we get the value out of the business solutions we implement ?
How do we build leaders and high performing teams at every level of the organization?
How do we get the absolute most out of the heart & soul of our company – our people?

We believe that the answer is simple – build a values-driven, vision-guided organization that reflects the needs of your people and unleashes their full potential.

Our Values
We believe that a company needs to understand what it stands for before it can help others. Our values are not just words hanging on a wall in the office; they are the principles we live daily and actively use to guide every aspect of our work. Our values also say as much about us as they do the companies with which we would like to partner/service.

Continuous collaboration with clients and trusted business partners ensures innovation, diversity, and the right solution at the right time.
We are committed to making a difference in lives of the people we touch, in the organizations in which we work, and in the communities where we live.
Openness, trust and integrity guide our every action.
We are dedicated to lifelong learning through every interaction, challenge, and opportunity we face.
We strive for balance between our families & loved ones and the dedication we bring to every client opportunity.

How We Make a Difference

Tirawa Consulting understands that you need proven solutions and positive results, yesterday. Our approach emphasizes speed, flexibility, innovation and early successes to drive your people and the organization through the transformation process. To quote a Fortune 500 CEO, "the soft stuff is the hard stuff” and it will be a critical factor in your company’s success. It will also dramatically affect your bottom-line.

Imagine the impact to your bottom-line if:

Employee loyalty increased to where you had the highest retention rate in your industry
Business solutions could be implemented on-time and on-budget
Motivated employees brought their commitment, passion, and creativity to work everyday allowing for rapid innovation
The company was viewed by customers / clients as the “clear choice,” not just for superior products and service, but for your leadership in the global community
Leaders existed at every level of the organization
Change was simply viewed as a way of life instead of disruptive and a source of discomfort
Strong, collaborative relationships existed with every employee, customer, and business partner.

In the 21st century a company's ability to transform, innovate, and motivate will be the keys to long-term success. That is why the "winners" will be those organizations dedicated to bringing value and being of service not only to their customers, but to their employees and the communities in which they operate.  

Call today to let Tirawa Consulting customize a solution to help you achieve the results you need!

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